Who Is Spynwolf?


Nobody knows who Spynwolf is, he or she is a being of great intelligence, who is incredibly skilled at writing poems, that is all i am allowed to tell you.

How Long has Spynwolf Been Writing Poetry?


Spynwolf has been writing poetry now for the last 10 years, and has written over 4000 poems (That is no typo, Spynwolf really has over four thousand poems).

How Can I Contact Spynwolf?


You can contact us using the form on this website, i will make sure that Spynwolf reads it, Please keep it clean, Spynwolf can not reply to all fan mail, and Spynwolf will not sign any autographs.

Is Spynwolf Single?


Yes Spynwolf is single, NO i will not tell you Spynwolf‘s address or phone number, that is just way to creepy, i think you should go get some help.


Where does Spynwolf get his inspiration from?


Spynwolf  gets his inspiration from his everyday life yet he could not tell you his secrets

How many poems has Spynwolf written?

In 11 years, Spynwolf has written close to 5,000 poems – That’s astonishing!!!